Driving Down St. Charles Avenue

On Friday morning, I didn't take my normal route, and I noticed a series of new signs on the telephone poles as I drove down the grand arc of St. Charles Avenue.

They were simple signs, pieces of white printer paper with two lines of black lettering prominently displayed in the middle of each sheet.  They were stapled onto nearly every pole.  Some poles had numerous sheets.

"Thank You Cao"  Interesting, I thought.  Someone was clearly a very adamant supporter of the Obama health care bill and Joseph Cao's vote in favor of it across party lines.

But as I drove on, I noticed that a few of the sheets were torn away or blown half back.  Underneath, a second sheet, equally plain, emerged.  After driving a few blocks farther, I pieced together the gist of the other sign, seemingly the original sign that had been on every pole:

"Recall Gao"

I have no idea why the person mispelled Congressman Cao's name, even if it does approximate the phonetic pronunciation of his name.  But in all the heated debate playing out on the telephone poles, I found it most interesting that the person or people who put up the Thank You posters decided to cover up the first set of signs rather than merely add a second voice to the poles - say, off to the side, above, or below.