1 Republican "Yea" on the Health Care Bill

Joseph Cao?

UPDATE: Yes, yes it was.  It makes sense...in a calculating sense - he didn't vote until after the Democrats had their requisite 218, and Eric Cantor was sitting next to him through the vote.  I'm sure Cao's thinking about keeping his tenuous spot as a Republican here in New Orleans in the old William Jefferson seat.

But as of tonight, a small crack has formed...I will no longer count myself as a fan of Cao's on facebook, for what that's worth.  Regardless of his political vulnerability (he's still probably just as vulnerable) and district composition, this was a fundamental issue vote that was mostly about first principles.  There may as well have been a liberal Democrat in the seat.

UPDATE 2: Cao has an open facebook wall up (not advisable) and people are going crazy in the comments.   I left a note, a respectful but disappointed one amidst all the vitriol and praise.

UPDATE 3: Nola.com still, at 11:01 p.m., does not have anything up on the site about Cao's vote.