Surprising timing

Armenia has allegedly caught an Azerbaijani spy:
The National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan says reports about the arrest of a person in espionage in favor of Azerbaijan are nonsense, Trend News reports.


News-Armenia website reported with reference to the Armenian National Security Ministry that Gevorg Hairapetyan suspected of cooperation with the Azerbaijani special service was arrested in Armenia. The security agencies filed a suitcase on Hairapetyan under the criminal code article on high treason in the form of espionage. [sic]
The thing that really surprises me is that it's Armenia catching a "spy" (I have my doubts as to whether this fellow really committed any espionage, but that isn't really the point). If Armenia was really serious about rapprochement with Turkey, one would thing they would at least avoid creating any incendiary events with Azerbaijan, which is itself doing its utmost to prevent the re-opening of the Turkish-Armenian border. But with skepticism toward a thaw high on both sides, I wonder if someone in Armenia isn't trying to put the brakes on progress made so far, if not derail the process altogether. Certainly angering the Azerbaijanis is a very close second to pissing the Turks off, and could have very real negative consequences.

The Western press has played the Turkish-Armenian border deal up as pretty much a fait accompli, but it isn't done by a long shot, Clinton deals brokered from a car or not.