A step in the right direction

This is good for everyone involved - the city gets revenue, the smokers aren't penalized for an absurd law:
Sheboygan police would still seek misdemeanor charges against people caught with small amounts of marijuana, but would send the cases to the Sheboygan County District Attorney's Office, which offers first-time offenders a chance to plead down from a criminal charge to an ordinance violation, which involves paying a fine, but no criminal charges.

By creating the marijuana ordinance, fines generated by offenders would go directly to the city, rather than the Sheboygan County Circuit Court system.

"It's a revenue enhancer, and I guess in my mind it's kind of a no-brainer to me, if these people are going to be arrested and if the city is going to get the revenue, if it's a city arrest, why wouldn't we want to get the revenue rather than having the county get it?" said Ald. Jim Bohren, whose Law and Licensing Committee supported the ordinance.
(via Fox Politics, with whose proprietress I just had coffee)