So if businesses are required to cover more things in health care, the cost of health care will go up? That's crazy

Okay, sarcasm aside I think that the point that the National Federation of Independent Business is making is very important. It only makes sense that mandates for pre-existing conditions and prohibitions on adjusting the cost of insurance based on risk - among other requirements - will cause the cost of health care to increase dramatically.

The state director for NFIB had this to say about the proposed "reforms:"
“Although the proponents of this mandate claim it is all about fairness there is no fairness in targeting small business owners and their employees who are least able to afford the higher health insurance costs associated with this dramatic expansion of mandated benefits.”

“We won’t make healthcare more affordable or accessible for small businesses and their employees if we pile mandates on small employers that drive up the cost of private insurance. Giving small employers and their employees more flexibility in choosing benefits packages that fit their needs and their budget should be the focus of reform efforts.”

I think this is the goal of many who are pushing the current "reforms" in congress - especially those who say we must have a public option. As the costs begin to increase to a point where the small businesses cannot afford it, they will dump their private insurance and enroll their employees in the public option. Then as fewer and fewer businesses can afford private insurance, the costs increase even more until no company can afford the premiums and we are all in the public option and have de facto universal health care.

No wonder people like Barney Frank insist that the public option is the best way to get universal health care in America.