Slamming Terrence Wall - And Totally Missing the Point

Over at Blogging Blue, Zach Wisniewski has posted a few hit pieces recently on potential GOP Senate candidate Terrence Wall.

The latest, painted as some sort of expose' sleuthing, mockingly suggests that the Madison developer should run to represent Delaware instead of Wisconsin because Wall has numerous companies registered in The First State.

Zach completely misses the point.  Wall shouldn't be slammed for taking the rational - and legal - business steps of registering companies in the least restrictive state.  Instead of making a bogus claim of some gotcha Las Vegas loophole (one that, by the way, backfired rather flamboyantly in the 2004 effort to defeat Rep. Brett Davis), we should be looking at why Wall took the step of looking at Delaware in the first place.

If Zach wants to slam someone, he should critique Wisconsin's political leaders for failing to make Wisconsin a more attractive place to do business.  Wisconsin doesn't even have to go to the full extent of Delaware in reducing taxes, but it does need to move in that general direction if its other advantages are to come into play.  And, what's more, just because companies are legally incorporated in Delaware doesn't preclude the fact that most of the economic benefit of the companies' activities are felt in and benefit Wisconsin anyway.