This is news to me:

“You’re familiar with our cameras aren’t you?” Schauf asked the group.

Schauf explained the State Street corridor is monitored 24/7 by cameras that transmit through the Web back to a digital server in Madison’s City-County Building.

8 locations! What? I had been in the city for four years following the news and never even heard of this. Even in that one story about the guy who got shot and killed on State St. a year or two ago and they didn't quite know what happened. Nothing about cameras is on the MPD's website either.  Maybe this is what the city-wide wireless was for, since no one uses it.

Wait a second! Although it's a bit creepy, especially because they weren't explicitly open about it, it didn't/doesn't really matter to me. In total I wasn't on State St. more than about once a month and I don't even live in the state anymore.