His presence commands nothing but an ironic smile. And do we have nothing else to do but fight with ghosts?

Georgia is trying to decide what to do with Stalin:
"The monument must be completely destroyed," argued Levan Ramishvili, director of Tbilisi’s Liberty Institute, a think-tank that provided intellectual heft for the 2003 Rose Revolution. "Since the Georgian government is being careful, this should be a civil initiative ? I would not rule out that somebody blows up the monument in the night."


"Now they want to destroy him, destroy a statue! ? [These are] the same people, who would not dare to make a sound when he was alive," fumed Vasil Modebadze, a fragile octogenarian who wore a Soviet army uniform with a cascade of medals as he played a game of backgammon with a fellow World War II veteran.

Here's old Djugashvili, the day after the Russians left the last time around.