A Great Big Hole

The New Orleans city budget deficit appears deeper and deeper:

New Orleans faces a $68 million budget shortfall next year, $25 million more than previously estimated.

That's according to the same Mayor, who, if I recall correctly, ordered us all last year to flee the "Mother of All Storms."  So let's hope he's up to his old hypberbole.  Unfortunately, I don't think that's the case in this instance.

Still, I found this quote by Nagin, in the face of it all, rather humorous:

The mayor pledged that the city "will preserve critical public safety services."

How can they be preserved when they aren't even fully in place?  Is he talking about crime cameras?  The city doesn't fund the levees, to my knowledge.

If you're interested, CityBusiness provides more nuance than the Times-Pic link above on the looming budget problem that is going to require some tough choices.