Foreign Policy bits

Looking at Joe Biden, the un-reassuring reassurer:
It does make one wonder, at what point are U.S. allies no longer going to be reassured when Biden shows up?

A third way on Iran?
There is a third option. The United States could offer its unwavering support to the Iranian opposition, strengthening and broadening this newly reawakened movement by arming it with satellite phones, digital cameras, and GPS units. America could train a cadre of countersnipers to neutralize the regime's rooftop shooters, many of whom have fired into peaceful crowds of protesters.

Data could be fed into the government's channels of information to confuse its intelligence organs, turning various elements of the regime on each other. Shortwave radio could be used to educate people in rural regions where the regime enjoys some support. America could eviscerate the regime's moral authority by showing its perfidy and corruption for what it is.
Sadly, only the last three paragraphs of the article actually discuss what steps the US should take, and I've quoted two of those here.