Flirting with the original firewall

Illinois is giving grants to religious organizations.

"...more than 100 grants to religious organizations contained in the $31 billion statewide construction program passed by the General Assembly and signed in July by Gov. Pat Quinn. Other projects listed in the 900-plus-page bill include $100,000 to Telshe Yeshiva school, which offers courses on the Talmud, Bible, prophets and Jewish law, for renovations; $700,000 to St. Malachy School for capital improvements; and $750,000 to St. Anthony W.W. Temple for costs associated with capital improvements."

Something's a bit fishy and it's not just that some Jewish organizations are accepting pork. Further down:

"Catholic organizations are slated to receive millions in state grants, including $7 million for Catholic Charities, a large social service provider, and separate grants for infrastructure repairs at dozens of schools.

Robert Gilligan, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Illinois, said funds for parishes are the result of elected officials being "in touch with the needs of their constituents."

Isn't not having to pay taxes enough help already? More importantly, shouldn't the constituents skip the middleman and directly give money to whatever organization they want to support in the first place?

The end of the article mentions that the US SC has allowed the government to give computer equipment to religious schools. But even then, money is fungible. Covering any cost of a religious organization is in effect giving the whole organization that much money, which isn't supposed to be happening in this country.