A busy Friday on Freret

Whew - what a tumultuous day on old Freret Street.  The thoroughfare changed even in the span of hours between my drive down in the morning and my drive back up in the late afternoon.

After the break, a few photos of the developments - including a movie shoot, a demolition, and the construction of a mini high-rise.

The movie "The Mechanic" is filming along Freret Street this evening, centered on Cure and the area around Las Acacias Supermercado at Freret and Upperline.

Weber's Garden Center just across from Kehoe Motors was razed today, in large part, after the city's demolition commission approved demolition on October 5. The property, which has always been somewhat unsightly since I arrived, retained its fence at the end of the day, but the equipment had reduced the large cypress trees on the property - and pretty much everything else - to rubble.

A new structure next to Freret Paint continues to rise - almost precipitously so. The structure is apparently getting a full third story. I think it's great, although I'm sure some might wonder how it can happen under the zoning laws, as it's a floor higher than any other structure on the commercial strip of Freret.