Another Thompson in the Capitol

Ed Thompson: Mayor of Tomah, Libertarian candidate for governor in 2002, Tommy's brother, future State Senator?

One can only hope.

In his opening press release for his campaign to unseat Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, Ed Thompson lays out one of the best arguments the GOP can use in 2010. It's all about taxes and jobs. That's it, nothing else matters.
This year alone the Legislature passed over $5 billion in new taxes and fees on families and businesses to pay for a 6.8% increase in government spending. Taxpayers will pay more for property taxes, phone taxes, garbage taxes, health care taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, and car insurance. Massive new taxes on Wisconsin employers are forcing them to cut costs and jobs. Companies like Briggs & Stratton and Harley Davidson are cutting jobs in Wisconsin while expanding jobs in other states.
“My priorities will be to make Wisconsin a welcoming place for job creation, to stop tax increases in their tracks, to improve our rural economy and to ensure seniors can retire without the fear of financial ruin,” said Thompson. “I pledge to be an independent, common-sense legislator who will fight for smaller, more responsible government that works for the people, not a big-spending government that taxes people out of their jobs, businesses, and homes.”

Every Republican running next year needs to take this stand. Our economic woes are not simply the result of a national recession. Time and again the legislature and the Governor shot ourselves in the foot by raising taxes and punishing businesses. We're lucky to have saved Mercury Marine, but we need to bring new jobs to the state, not just stop jobs from leaving.

Thompson is an unabashed libertarian and when it comes to the role of government in our lives and in the economy, it is exactly what the Republican Party needs to win in 2010. I keep on saying it, but with news like this, 2010 is going to be a very fun year.