Your grade in Obama press conferences is...

The United States Department of Education has distributed a full lesson plan for teachers to follow if they choose to show President Obama's press conference slated for September 8th. At first glance, this seems like a great way for kids to learn about the democratic process and the office of president, but some angry parents of the conservative persuasion are refusing to send their kids to school on the eighth. Is this rash?

How many G.W. Bush press conferences were shown to preK-6th graders? Nonetheless, is the outcry necessary? Could Obama taint the kids in favor of liberalism?

This tactic isn't new. Parents were able to get the British High Court to make it illegal to mandate that school children view Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." Appocalypse predictions of Al Gore's politically driven science are misleading, and perhaps Obama is misleading too with his trite but new messages of hope. He is a politician after-all, but in this rare instance, should American parents be afraid of "hope." Don't teachers have to be balanced in their coverage of the press conference anyway, so what damage can be incured?

Is this one instance where conservatives need to get off their political high horses, and allow students to learn and allow President Obama to assume his deserved position as head of state?