Women's Health Day Nothing More Than A Celebration of Genocide and A Distraction from Real County Issues.

Wednesday, County Executive Kathleen Falk, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, and pro-choice groups such as Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, and the Wisconsin Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice gathered downtown to celebrate how they live in a place where healthcare extends to such procedures has pulling a half developed baby out of their pelvis and bashing its skull in.

Let me be clear. I support abortion in instances of rape, incest, and medical necessity, but abortion is a risky procedure, and it also sacrifices the life of an innocent child because too many people aren't proactive enough to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

Among the misguided Madison liberals out celebrating the genocide, I mean reproductive care, that women have access to was Representative Terese Berceau, D-Madison.

Berceau said, “I’ve seen them insert the politics of ideology into our doctor’s offices, into our families and into our bedrooms. Consistently and fervently, my like-minded colleagues and the people standing here have helped me and others stop these anti-women policies from becoming law.”

Of course, pro-choice individuals are never forcing their views on others and "inset[ing] the politics of ideology into our doctor's offices." When tax payers have to fund partial birth abortions because their state university unanimously approves of such procedures being performed in facilities they own by doctors they employ, that isn't the politics of ideology being inserted into our doctor's offices.

When County Executive Falk promises to fight for funding for Planned Parenthood and similar organizations when budget deficits are mounting, that isn't "insert[ing] the politics of ideology into our doctors’ offices, our families, and our bedrooms." Even if it is right for government to support abortion rights, when is it ever justified for government to give money to abortion pushers?

Representative Berceau may think that limiting or eliminating access to abortions is "anti-woman policy," but I was under the impression that women were women for the fact that they can bear children. Now don't get me wrong. I support first wave feminism. Women should have access to equal employment and education opportunities. I support the use of contraception and a woman's right t0 choose when she marries and choose when she has kids, but the abortion pushers would have one believe that femininity comes from the denial of what makes women: their ability to be mothers. Women are the progenitors of the human race. They are the nurturers. They are the mothers, and I don't want to live in a world where genocide in the name of second wave feminism and the euphemism of abortion defeminizes women, demeans them for pursuing families, and inevitably creates an inverted society with too many old people expecting entitlement pay outs and declining birth rates making it impossible to support retirees that characterizes EU countries and Japan among other nations.

No, I want to live in a world where women truly have opportunities to be part of a society that values women both in and outside of the home as fully contributing citizens and innately female creatures. To quote Louis Armstrong, I want to live in a world "where I hear babies cry; I watch them grow....And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."

As the Herald paraphrases Matt Sande, legislative director for Pro-Life Wisconsin, "a Women's Health Day should focus on ailments affecting women such as osteoporosis, breast cancer and other diseases."

Somehow since the passage of Roe vs. Wade, factions of American society have led us to believe it is okay to stop a beating heart in the name of health care. That it’s okay to destroy beings with finger prints before proud parents ever have a chance to see those ten fingers stamped on a piece of cardstock simply because fetuses are part of the mother rather than an independent being.

Some may not realize that abortion is a genocide. Some may never view abortion as murder. Some will argue that abortion is protected under the fourth amendment to the constitution. Fine for them. There is no real legal definition of life. The lines are murky. You have a right to be pro-choice, but don't propose funding for controversial pro-choice groups when budget deficits are mounting. Social conservatives, it goes both ways. We have every right to fight to outlaw abortion once and for all, but in the mean time, we shouldn't be giving money to pro-life organizations out of government coffers.

Politicians need to learn the sin in stopping a beating heart, but in the mean time, Madison liberal politicians need to get off their pro-choice soap box and fix the budget deficit, the traffic conundrum, the 911 center, and the other various issues that need to be addressed. Has Falk learned nothing from Nancy Mistele? When the margins were close, did Falk fail to get the memo? Dane County is sick of Falk spending money on left wing projects like buying land for the purpose of stopping developers from purchasing the land to develop it themselves, and now she wants to spend money on Planned Parenthood? Stop appeasing the far left and making social policy stances in preparation for the next time you run for higher office while we are still paying your salary. Focus on real county issues, and when you act in a ceremonial role, don’t support derisive issues like abortion and think you are a great representative of all Dane County.

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