The Will to Leave...Afghanistan

Here's something worth discussing - the hubbub surrounding George Will's most recent column on stepping things down in Afghanistan.

I think the debate and discussion reveals a split on the issue of Afghanistan between various groups within the broadest conception of "conservatives" in the American political sense.

Steve S waded into the debate earlier.  And blog alum David L over at U&S swam right out into the middle of it.  I commented with my cursory thoughts on the Steve S piece, as did commenter and friend of the blog Bob T.  Steve S, in turn, commented on the David L piece - and drew fire from another commenter.

I have a feeling there's a lot more to be discussed.

I haven't talked about war in Afghanistan much on the blog because I've generally believed the conflict there to be founded on a pretty strong direct-link-to-911 basis that leaves me with little moral quandary as to the premise for the fight.  One neutral factor involved is the fact that I also had, have, and will have friends serving in that theater of operations.  

On the other end of things, military history leaves me queasy about the realities of conflict there, geographically and ethnically.  And Will's thrust toward limiting our meddling overseas as a way of learning the lessons of history does register with me at a rather deep level.