Welcome welcome

One of the distinguishing features of Letters in Bottles, back in the day when Brad and I were still at the UW, was our coverage of the campus political scene, and the city cultural scene in general. We've all since moved on, of course, and as of this autumn, none of the LiB crew is left in good old Mad-town.

Perhaps it's our conservative bent, but we do like to stay close to our roots, at least metaphorically blogophorically. Madison remains a vibrant place with a lot to say for itself, but coverage is slipping. With the Critical Badger moseying into the sunset of law school and The Sconz a great, but still new, blog, we'd like to ramp up our Madison coverage.

So we're going to be bringing in another Madison blogger. I'll let him introduce himself -- you should be hearing from him later today, in fact -- but I hope you'll enjoy the new perspective he brings. This is a temporary gig for now; we want to see what and who will work out the best before making a full commitment, but we have high hopes. So please give him a few comments -- argue with him if you disagree, chime in if you agree, and add your own two cents when you think something is missing -- and we'll see how this new experiment of ours works.