Sign of a Conservative Revolution?

I doubt anyone on the Badger Herald E-board agrees with much of what Ann Coulter says, and yet, Human Events believes that enough people who read the Herald would be interested in having Ann Coulter's weekly column directly sent to their inbox.

No doubt that UW Madison is still a liberal school and that the campus media reinforces the political zeitgeist, and yet on the Herald's website nestled into a pro Kathleen Falk editorial, is an advertisement for Ann Coulter's weekly column published in Human Events.

If the times and circumstances that be are in favor of Human Events advertising in a student newspaper published on one of the most liberal campuses in America, are people starting look to conservatism as the remedy to economic woes and the path to reassurance of American security similar to what was seen thirty years ago when Ronald Regan came to power?

Is the next conservative revolution upon us?