Rep. Wilson: Again, Look at the Fire, not the Smoke

Cut through the gray clouds of "Censure Joe Wilson!" and you find something like this:

Moreover, Obama's claim that illegal immigrants won't be covered -- which sparked Wilson's outburst -- while technically accurate, doesn't quite tell the entire story. Some of the bills being considered in the House and Senate contain provisions locking in local statutes that prevent providers from inquiring about immigration status prior to treatment. And illegals are treated, and are bound to be treated, in ERs, covered by local, state and federal uninsured pools.

As I noted in a comment on a Mike H post earlier today, it's also worth noting that the decorum that Democrats ironically seem to think was an ironclad requisite for last night's speech -

"It is outrageous," said Representative Joseph Crowley, Democrat of New York, who said it reminded him of the "antics that are being used to disrupt and fog what is going on."

- is not necessarily in place for a political speech that the President orchestrated out of nothing to give the impression of loftiness. It wasn't a traditional State of the Union or "National Emergency" address. It was an amped up press conference from the bully pulpit. And the President intimated and stated flat out in his remarks that his opponents were lying.

In that respect, I don't think Wilson's exclamation is worthy of being chastised all that much - out of place sure, but consider the nature of the place - it's not as sacrosanct an event as too many people seem to presume. I respect the office of the presidency, but today's hubbub over Wilson is largely a distraction from the tortured rhetoric from the president that a) sought to disrupt and fog what is going on fiscally and factually, and b) played yet again on emotion in precisely the manner the President himself condemned. 

The mainstream media, from what I've read, has not focused on the underlying truth of Wilson's shout nearly enough and thereby failed to help us self govern. Here's a perfect example that's all smoke and no fire from the New York Times.