Quick hits on the President's speech

1. I was disappointed by this speech. He talked a good game, but the substance was woefully inadequate. When he "responded" to his critics he really didn't answer any of the charges. You need more than "that's a lie," Mr. President.

2. Rep. Wilson's heckle - which I didn't see because I read the transcript on the Corner rather than watch - was unnecessary. It may be something conservatives laugh at, but this is Congress and it's a Presidential address, decorum should be maintained no matter what.

3. The part about competition was laughable. If the President is serious about competition then repeal the law that prohibits buying health insurance across state lines.

4. Catastrophic care insurance? Great idea. Just don't mandate it. Let it stand alone as an option.

5. One more point on competition: The college analogy was stupid. Of course public universities have an advantage. They're cheaper because they are subsidized and have much higher enrollments than private colleges. The biggest reason that private institutions compete at all is because of massive amounts of federal student aid.

6. Eliminating fraud and waste is a good idea. My only question is how do we define waste?