Prospective: Another Perspective

Steve and the gang sent me a letter in a bottle the other day; so now I am blessed with the opportunity to write some letters back (preferably in Leinenkugel's bottles)  - but, you might see some in a Petite Sirah bottle too, if I get to stay on.

The delegation and proclamation of political positions and social issues tend to cause a flaring of egotism and dimwitted Godliness during times when the open window to euphoria is found mainly through prescriptions and misguided acclimation.  Whether you see the world through the eyes of a college student or a veteran living out their final years, prospective perspectives tend to be prescribed in elusive illusions of grandeur.  I have seen it first hand, I’ve gotten in handed to me during second wind, and I’ve even prescribed it while three sheets to the wind.

One of our duties as citizens is to comply with the laws that guide us; but another duty is to change those laws when they are ineffective.  With the simple manner of creating an updated guideline it is proven that our perspectives change over the years.  Whether we are conservative, liberal or other, as a society, we don’t believe in change.  We believe in constant change.  We don’t necessarily change for the better.  We change because we feel it is our duty to change.  Our leaders are elected to improve their constituents’ lives.  If they don’t change anything during their term they may be deemed as worthless.  People might change laws, ideals, and underwear because they want to show they are open-minded.  Some want a name for themselves, some want to be accepted, and some just want sex.

There is no such thing as a selfless act.  No matter how “good” the undertaking is, and how many people it positively affects, it still can’t be selfless.  It can’t be selfless even if the person doesn’t receive a reward, recognition, or anything of monetary value.  In the absolute least, they will feel good about what they have done or accomplished; and that in turn makes a small proportion of the deed indeed selfish.  So, when someone is elected into office or is fighting for a cause or spreading the “good” word on a social issue, they may think they are there to serve the people and fight injustice; but really deep down they are doing it for self-fulfillment.  I am not saying this is a bad thing, because without it, we would never change and progress as a society.  Some change is bad, but constant change is good.

I hope you enjoy my changing perspectives, as I am a new (possibly temporary) writer for this blog, and look forward to (possibly) being a part of this team!