Political Correctness, and Why the Story of the Birds and the Bees Is Wrong

According to the bulletin board in my residence hall, you can't go up to someone and assume their gender on the basis of secondary sex characteristics (hair, voice, breast, development, figure, musculature, etc).


Since humans have been wearing clothes since the time of Adam and Eve, how else are we suppose to know who to drunkenly hit on, have a hot booty call with, or better yet bring home to mom and dad, marry, and carry on the human race with?

If society is at the point where we have to ask people what is between their legs to be sure, so much for pairing off and procreating.

It is a known fact that physical attraction can be linked to such subtle sex traits as waist to hip ratio (2/3 for a woman and 9/10 for a man if you were wondering) among other physical indicators of virility and genetic perfection like stature and musculature.

If a man is a breast connoisseur, he may just appreciate a woman who is able to nourish a child. If a woman likes a nice firm butt on a man, she just might appreciate a man with enough thrusting power to get the job of impregnation done.

Now, I am not saying that we should discriminate against people who are transgender, but as far as I am concerned, you are the gender you were born, and there is no need to feed into this notion that somehow it is free will and not dad's sperm that determines gender.

This bulletin board endorses ideas about as absurd as the “pregnant man.” When we are willing to call someone who has a fully functioning vagina and uterus a man just because she got a mastectomy, a bowl cut, and grew a little facial hair, we know that the pc world of gender justice has gone too far.

Secretary of State Clinton has short hair; does that make her a man? (Don't answer that.) I have seen my mom (I love you mom.) pluck her whiskers with a tweezers. Does that make my mom a man? Wow. Oprah Winfery and the shocking “pregnant man” have nothing on the McHenry boys and their pregnant man mom.

Even worse, they have invented a pc term for heteros and non-gender bending homosexuals. We are cisgender. Yes, dressing our gender, acting our gender, and accepting our gender makes us a unique subcategory. Who knew?

No one should be as ignorant to assume the clothes make the man or the woman for that matter, and I will admit to being confused by a couple short haircuts, but if you have breasts and a woman's figure, excuse me for assuming that you are a woman. All I know is what has been biologically programmed into my brain by evolution and endorsed and blessed by God.

Yet again political correctness has shown itself to be stupefying and useless. Only the language police can take the basic man + woman equation and turn it into a twisted calculus of hormone factors, homosexual denominators, and androgynous variables. And of course, don't forget to factor in the plastic surgery and multiply it by the emotional trauma or perverse reality that made you show me yours, and I'll show you mine into can I see yours because I am not really sure.

Women cut your hair short, and men wear panties if you must. I won't discriminate against you, but please excuse me if the fact that I still use my diencephalon rather than my cerebrum in matters of sex stops me from being an “ally.”