One of Rep. Joe Wilson's former legislative aides shares his thoughts with LIB

Chirag S, a gentleman, a scholar, and a friend of the blog, was kind enough to share with us his unique take on the hubbub that broke out surrounding South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson.  As he puts it:

For nearly two years, I served on the staff of the now simultaneously famous and infamous Congressman Joe Wilson. As a native of Wisconsin and a second generation Indian American, I had absolutely nothing in common with the Congressman or the State of South Carolina; nevertheless, from the first day I walked into the office, I always felt welcome.

Chirag sent us a great guest post, but it's slightly longer than our typical posts, so you can read the entire post here via the old LIB Storage Shed.

As the above tidbit suggests, the guest post provides an interesting window on Representative Wilson - one that might have given former President Jimmy Carter some pause before he made his recent incendiary remarks:

Perhaps worse than the immature name calling, is the idea that Congressman Wilson’s disagreements with President Obama are somehow motivated by race. The mere suggestion that Mr. Wilson spoke out against the President because of some racial prejudice is ignorant and lazy. To make such a cowardly charge is to make assumptions about an honorable man that could not be further from the truth.

I encourage you to take a glance at what is certainly an interesting perspective.