Off the Island

Recently, as you may have noted, we conducted a series of tryouts.

We sought to find a new voice for the blog to continue our connection and coverage on "The Island of Madison" where the blog began.  We sought that connection seeing as we're now otherwise posting generally from Wisconsin's Fox Valley, New Orleans, Louisiana,  Fort Knox, Kentucky, and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Unfortunately, we didn't find that voice.

Still, we found the exercise helpful - even if a bit chaotic - because it demonstrated a number of things to us.  One, we have, rather organically, developed baseline standards.   Posts, regardless of their underlying opinion or purpose, should be reasonably well-crafted, should be free from glaring spelling and grammatical errors, and should consist of something other than mere hollow antagonism.

Two, we have a reasonable, erudite readership that, even if it waits in the wings by and large, expects that those standards will be upheld.  And it swoops in actively to assist in the upholding via the comments when it feels the need.  It's a very healthy thing.

Three, we've built something here, raised something up out of the muck, so to speak, that is worth preserving and continuing.  While it's important to seek new energy and avoid fearing a bit of instability now and then, an ultimate call must be made as to whether or not a prospective change will benefit the existing arrangement.

We are not shutting the door, by any means, to further experiments down the road, but as to this particular personnel chapter, we've made our decision.