A New Blogging Side Venture

My friend Curtis and I just launched a new blog called "Inside the Footprint" dedicated to chronicling the area of Lower Mid-City New Orleans that would be razed to make way for the proposed LSU/VA Hospital.  We want to humanize and focus in on just precisely what stands to be lost if the plan goes through.

I oppose the plan on a number of grounds: 1) revulsion at the prospect of the mass use of eminent domain on primarily low income families and individuals (it's a rather Kelo-like situation where the end project is an economic development, even if it is a hospital complex); 2) sadness at the loss of numerous historical, cultural, and architecturally significant structures, and 3) belief that better use options exist in the form of structures like Charity Hospital.

I realize we're rather late to the party, in some ways.  Many individuals and organizations have made vigorous efforts, although not in the precise way we plan to proceed.  But with this project, it's better late than never if the end result is a halt to the razing of a neighborhood that, while admittedly in poor shape in many ways, still has a lot of unique potential.

Stop by - we'll have new content on a daily basis.