Kind won't run. Terrence Wall might?

There are two stories today that have huge consequences for 2010. First and most important are the reports that Ron Kind will not run for governor.

Personally, I'm kind of surprised by this decision. It amazes me that he chose to sit it out because I personally believe that he stood the best chance of any Democrat in the general election. Of course, I'm also happy about it because I think it gives Walker or Neumann a much, much better chance in the general against the now presumptive front-runner, Barbara Lawton.

My guess is that Kind faced a lot of pressure from Washington to stay in the House and keep a fairly solid seat for the Democrats. Also, I suspect that he realizes that his votes on TARP, the stimulus, cap and trade, health care and other pieces of legislation would be huge liabilities against either Walker or Neumann. Even so, I would have thought that he'd give it a run.

The other news is this story from the Cap Times that Madison area businessman Terrence Wall may challenge Russ Feingold. If he does, this will be a fun race to watch. Wall is a very successful businessman and knows what it takes to create jobs. If the economy is still an issue - which I'm betting it will be - Wall can easily go toe to toe with Feingold in debates. Feingold's strength has always been judicial issues and foreign policy. No one has ever really challenged him on economics and pocket-book issues. Wall can and should.

While certainly an uphill battle, should Wall choose to run I believe he can provide a very effective and tough challenge. I'm hoping he gets in and 2010 will be one heck of a fun election year in Wisconsin.