Jumping the gun on regulation

There are currently two bills in the state legislature that would ban BPA from packaging and water bottles in the state of Wisconsin.

Proponents of the bill claim that BPA is harmful to humans and may lead to higher cancer rates, but just last year the FDA issued a ruling that BPA is safe. More research is needed and the new FDA chief has promised a new ruling by year's end.

So here's the problem with the bills: We have a pending ruling from the FDA that would affect bottling and packaging all over the US, yet a few legislators want to pass a bill that could unnecessarily hamstring state industry.

I've said this again and again, but the problem here is that our legislators are too often looking to raise the cost of doing business in our state at the expense of jobs and common sense. If it is found that BPA is dangerous, then the industries should change their practices, but until then we should not unnecessarily raise the cost of manufacturing and selling goods in Wisconsin. All it does is prevent businesses from coming to our state or hasten wavering businesses' departures.