It's time for the Assembly to enter the 21st century

Two Republican lawmakers are headed back to the Middle East next month. State Reps. Scott Suder (Abbotsford) and Roger Roth (Appleton) are both to be deployed with the 115th Fighter Wing. It's the second deployment for both men.

I wish them Godspeed and a safe return.

But here's the problem: even though their offices will remain open to assist constituents, but they will be unable to vote on any legislation. This needs to change.

I think that over the last year I've demonstrated that being half a world away does not mean that you cannot stay up to date on state issues. It is possible to rather easily read and research legislation and commenting on legislation is very simple with this marvelous thing we call the Internet.

Since the War on Terror began, at least 4 members of the state Assembly have served in the theater of operations. Each time their constituents have been denied their voice on legislation. It is irresponsible in this age of email and Skype to deny legislators the ability to vote while on deployment. So long as they can be present via the Internet at the time of the vote, there is no reason not to do this.

It's not a matter of partisanship. This is a matter of ensuring that all voices are heard. It's well past time.