"fighting against SEWRPC indifference and WisDOT bullying."

James Rowen notes more bullying by WisDOT:
It says a lot about the way that federal and state governments have been forcing highway expansion onto the land and the general public that citizens have had to resort to litigation to get officials to follow the law, and to ensure an open process, when public funds, public hearings, public projects and public property are all in play.

This isn't the first time this blog has discussed the department, and its flagrant impositions on the public. In a state as hard up for money as Wisconsin, it would seem that the first major-dollar project to be scrapped should be one that's so obviously at cross-purposes with public sentiment. I can only hope the DOT gets the message:
Law first. Then common sense, equity and sanity - - by people who work for the public and should do the public's business without a judge explaining the errors of their ways.

On the other hand, it's amazing to me that we aren't past the point of being surprised when bureaucracies as bloated as WisDOT ignore public reaction to projects they want. The goal of bureaucracy is to enlarge itself -- and the only way the can ask for more money next year is by spending it this year. With a governor who has clearly been willing to drive his state into an economic ditch and then jump out of the car, it's hardly surprising that the high and mighty in unelected offices pursue their own projects at the expense of the taxpayers they theoretically serve.