A few more chime in on health care

After sending out e-mails weeks ago, this week has seen a few more bites on my questions about health care reform -- now from Russ Feingold and Ron Kind.

Neither discusses any specific proposals made, despite my specific questions about such, nor, again despite specific questions, do either discuss any potential problems with health care reform.

Feingold assures me that, "The Senate is currently drafting legislation on health care reform. When a bill is available for consideration by the Senate, I will thoroughly review the legislation." So he hadn't read the currently-proposed bills as of Sept 18, when I got his message.

Ron Kind doesn't even remember hearing that question, and glosses over it entirely in the e-mail he sent out on the 18th.

That means that not only did neither of these gentlemen bother to read the 1000-page bill that has been floating around since before the August recess -- the point of my inquiries -- they have also so far not read the Baucus plan, announced on the 16th.

It also makes me question Senator Feingold's insistence on the 18th that there was no legislation available in the Senate. Really, sir?

After the jump, the full texts of both letters, for your consideration.

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