Culinary Escapades: Once More Into the Kitchen

Last evening, I attended a vegan potluck hosted at the lovely home of "kss" and "cpb," who comment on occasion here at LIB.  Now I'm not a vegan, and I don't have much time to make extended forays into the kitchen these days, but I decided to prepare a dish when incentives came into play - there would be a competition for the best entry.

My entry, "Emaciated in Hollygrove," refused to stoop to full veganism, but made it to vegetarianism given my insistence on adding cheese to the dish. It consisted of flax seed bread lightly buttered with a veneer of applesauce topped with a mixture of Hollygrove Market blue hubbard squash and button mushrooms that had been steamed and then sauteed before being sprinkled with dried currants and wisps of Argentine parmesan. That entire ensemble was then baked. While I didn't win (I was docked five points out of the gate for my willful and flagrant violation of the vegan rule), the tostada-like dish turned out surprisingly well.

The winner of the evening, a traditional New Orleans gumbo z'herbes by Curtis P deserved the title (which only came after a tie with a watermelon salad forced a Boggle showdown play-off round).

Overall, I must say I was amazed at the array of delicious food that disappeared rapidly off my plate.  It certainly gave me enough energy to argue vigorously for over an hour with a friend about Obamacare.