Campus Onslaught on Conservative Movement

Yesterday, the Badger Herrald published a piece that basicall said that former CR chair Sara Mikolajczak was everything wrong with republicans and the campus political environment.

I think it is complementary. The former CR leader is known. She is in the thick of things which is more I can say about the College Dem chair.

When it comes to college politics, is all press good press? Is being known half the battle? Is engendering controversy the mark of a truly active leader?

Few know their ASM reps, but for the past two years Sara M was known at UW, and thus, for better or worse, she commanded an audience.

Many agree with the college dems. People felt inclined to engage with the CRs and their leader. Even the new CR chair already has attention.

I think the CRs have made themselves very relevant, and Madison liberals feel threatened.

The article: http://badgerherald.com/oped/2009/09/01/why_mikolajczak_was_.php

Your thoughts please!!!