Campus Media Still Stuck on Sara M. and Any Way to Debase the College Republicans

Thanks Jack Craver. Since the Department of Homeland Security warned us of right wing extremism a few months ago, I have never been so insulted as a republican.

I would love to have a pro-life rally or a rousing speech on Islamo-Fascism. Believe me; nothing would warm my right wing extremist heart more, but the goal of the college republicans is to reach out to as many conservative students as we can. Our focus this year on financial issues is a matter of PR as well as the predominant interest of our group in light of the big spending occurring in Wisconsin as well as on the national level. We are in a financial crisis, and fiscal conservatism may just be the way out. It worked for Reagan, so why criticize the CRs for focusing on issues that are proven rallying points for all conservatives from the most moderate of republican party to the most libertarian among us. We still support the party platform, and we always will, but thanks for insulting us with your comparison between moderate republicans and conservative extremists. I especially love the McCarthy attack. Since you are a history major, I hate to have to tell you this, but the only reason McCarthy was ever elected to congress is because the democrats sabotaged the republican open primary to get back at Robert LaFollette Jr. and other progressives in the republican party for not joining the democrats.

Nice try, but this article only proves that you and other liberals in the campus media feel like you can't slander the CRs any more because we are growing, we are legitimate, and we are poised for success, so you resort to the past and debasing Sara Mikolajczak .