Big Ten Athletes Get Big Break After Drunken Break-Ins

There are always robberies in the dorms, but no one expects up and coming basketball players to be the perpetrators.

Diamond Taylor and Jeremy Glover may be suspended from the team, but it seems to me that the athletic department may pull a few strings because the two are good at tossing a ball around.

"Though they are suspended, the two athletes will remain on official squad lists during the suspension and may continue to receive medical, academic and weight training support."

Basically, Taylor and Glover have the perks of only needing to maintain a 2.0 grade point average while taking six credits, and when things roll over, the athletic department wants Glover and Taylor to be in fine athletic form. There it is. A slap on the wrist and how can we improve your jump shot?

Why is the athletic department maintaining Taylor and Glover's names on the roster? Don't they think that suspension or expulsion from the University could be possibilities for these two criminals, or will the athletic department play the same games with the University administration that likely resulted in the two ever being admitted to UW in the first place? Easy ride for he who bounces the ball.

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