Beating Up Your Girlfriend Is Okay If She Is A Drunken, Bi-Sexual, Former Playmate, According to Fox

Fox News is taking light of domestic violence.

Having advocated strict punishment for Chris Brown after he assailed his then girlfriend Rhianna and having had numerous psychiatrists and women's advocates featured on Fox programs when the media thought a reconciliation between Brown and Rhianna was imminent, not even 24 hours after Tila Tequila reported that her boyfriend Chargers' football player Shawne Merriman strangled her and held her against her will, Fox News is basically dismissing Tequila's claims. Fox coverage revolved exclusively around Merriman's account of the situation and generalizations about Tequila's lifestyle and character. The assault is "alleged." She was probably super drunk. Merriman said he was trying to stop Tequila from driving while intoxicated.

How could stopping a scrawny woman like Tila Tequila from driving intoxicated even require strangulation or resemble strangulation in any way?

Fox News isn't slow to report that Tequila has posed for Playboy and that she had a bisexual dating show on MTV, which one reporter referred to as a third class dating show. On American Newsroom, the reporter made such comments to the effect of with a last name like Tequila, what do you expect?

The reporters mentioned that there were no bruises or any other physical indicators of abuse found by the responding paramedics.

Mike Walters of TMZ was brought on to mention Tequila's past escapades and to hypothesize that the case would be merely he said-she said.

What is up? Is it now that you have to have blood pouring out of open wounds like Rhianna had to truly have been battered. Do you have to have a couple Grammies for the world to care if you are a target of violence?

Or, is there some brand of twisted feminism at play? If you are going to roll with the boys, toughen up. If you don't have bruises, you are not really hurt.

Society teaches men how to regard women as equals, but it doesn't seem to teach men how to treat a lady anymore.

If a woman says she felt threatened, or that a man laid hands on her, I think we need to assume he did until a thorough investigation is held.

Bruises mean little. An astute and methodical abuser may use techniques designed to minimize physical signs of abuse.

I am not saying that Tila Tequila isn't a basket case, and that she couldn't have been intoxicated and simply made the story of Merriman strangling her up (responding officers did report that Tila Tequila was inebriated), but lets remember that Chris Brown initially denied beating Rhianna.

Fox News is writing off Tila Tequila and her ordeal because of her choice of lifestyle.

Not so fair. Not so balanced

Link to coverage: http://www.foxnews.com/video2/video08.html?maven_referralObject=9264826&maven_referralPlaylistId=&sRevUrl