The Absurdity of New Orleans Politics

In an article that talks of "an unspoken rule" dividing local city council seats into a "black seat" and a "white seat," the Times-Picayune reveals the sad state of racial affairs here in NOLA in a piece on possible mayoral candidate Arnie Fielkow:

Fielkow advisers say he has agonized over his decision for the past several weeks. One of his biggest concerns, they say, is an analysis that his attempting to become the city's first white mayor in 32 years would be too risky.

It's 2009, folks.  A city that imposes a racial litmus test on its candidates no matter how talented or energetic they are is begging for its own demise.  I hope Fielkow enters the fray and paves the way towards a different paradigm by presenting a true range of options to voters.