About politics

The thing that annoys me most about politics is how frivolous it is because of how little substance most political arguments have.

What I'm thinking about in particular is the Acorn incident with two young people who went in acting as prostitution entrepreneurs to get tax advice.

OH GOD! The whole organization is evil and bad and needs to be destroyed because a few people at the bottom actually took them seriously. Talk about a "got'cha" moment. Have you noticed how smug some republicans are all of a sudden? By the way, I thought they were leading the vanguard against "got'cha" politics.

People at the bottom of an organization are the least competent people in an organization. Especially since the organization is aimed at helping poor, uneducated people, the people in the local offices are probably just a step above those very people themselves.

Love/hate an organization or issue. Whatever, I don't care. Just make an actual argument and talk like an adult to support your point. If whatever you're saying is true, then there's going to be evidence and a reason to support your point. Sadly, so much of politics is doing the exact opposite, turning everything into an extremely base or emotional point.

The epitome of this trend is 9/11-style politics. I recently saw a video clip of a certain Fox News host wishing for a return to the mindset of the day after. That would be the worst situation possible for the country. The times of raw emotion are the worst times to be making decisions with far-reaching consequences.  Big things should be decided after much calm, rational thought.

The emotion of sudden events in particular creates temporary openings to ram through crappy legislation--9/11 led to wars and the Patriot Act, and the sudden near "collapse" of the economy last year led to the bailouts and giant laws no one read--that stuff wouldn't have made it any other time.

Unfortunately it seems like actual issues have to degenerate into emotional ones where a logical approach becomes difficult and unpopular to become motivating enough to create political action, such as the "death panels", "socialism", abortion, global warming, immigration, gun control, drugs, and so forth. We and our country are all the worse for it.