What are the odds that Janesville could be on the short list for the new Harley plant?

Well, probably not that good. I don't mean to be too negative here, but the state's record for even pretending to bring business to the state - unless of course it's a no-bid train contract for a non-existent rail line - is pretty unimpressive.

That's a real shame too. Harley already has three of the four finalists picked and they'll announce the fourth after they make an official visit to the site. I hope that Janesville makes the cut.

We already have a large assembly plant with a skilled workforce. As a state we should be offering whatever package we can afford to help retool the former GM plant and put another Harley plant in Wisconsin. I realize we may not find out until after the fact if we even tried, but this is the type of situation that requires proactive leadership.

Sen. Robson, Speaker Sheridan and Reps. Benedict and Hixson should be calling the Governor's office everyday urging him to act and contact Harley to bring the plant to Janesville. They represent one of the worst hit counties in the state when it comes to unemployment and should be doing everything they can to bring jobs to the area.

If our "leaders" don't even try, they have no business being in office. If Wisconsin loses out again to Tennessee or Indiana or Kentucky it won't be because we don't have the people or the workforce, it will be another indictment against the business climate in Wisconsin, our elected leaders and our high taxes and fees.

I hope that I'm wrong. I hope that Gov. Doyle and his administration try everything they can to get Harley to come to Janesville. We'll just have to wait and see if we make Harley's list.