The twit campaign

So. We here at the blog have taken a pretty broadly con position on the specter of national health care legislation. Now I'd like to do something -- even if something very small -- about it. And I need your help.

If you check the LiB Twitter feed, you'll see a series of tweets, asking our elected representatives if they have, in fact, read the entire 100-some-odd pages of the health care bill. We'll be tracking the answers here weekly. Please join our campaign, and keep the pressure on our people to at least know exactly what they're signing up for -- or, hopefully, signing up against. They've had two weeks of recess to read: there's no excuse for not having done so!

(Herb Kohl, Ron Kind, Jim Sensenbrenner, Tom Petri, Dave Obey, and Steve Kagen don't seem to be on Twitter, and so will be contacted by e-mail.)