The twit campaign: week two -- a thudding silence

Silence, as the saying goes, can speak volumes -- and so it does today in regards to our campaign to find out whether or not our Wisconsin legislators have read the health care bill that they have all, theoretically, taken positions regarding.

And so the Twitter messages were sent out(a confession -- I'm sending the e-mails this week to those who don't have Twitter accounts; last week's internet connection, being up in the great wilds of northern Wisconsin, was tenuous). And a yawning silence ensued. The same messages will be sent again tomorrow, giving our elected officials a full week to respond this time; maybe they're all just so busy parsing the exact wording of the health care bill that they simply didn't have time to reply to my tedious request. But I doubt it.

I think there are two initial ideas we can draw from this. One is about the effectiveness of Twitter -- it's so much easier to ignore someone there. Of course, e-mail and letters can also be ignored, and even phone calls to a much smaller extent. But Twitter has a tenuousness to it that these other, more solid, forms of communication don't.

The other idea is actually my personal disappointment: a lack of response from Rep. Paul Ryan. He's established himself as a crusader on spending generally, and has something of a reputation of being a wonk who really dives into the fine details. This blog is on the record as being fairly impressed with him, and I feel that is justified. So his silence on this issue, which really should be his, is saddening.

I'd like to encourage all of our readers -- both left and right -- to take up this campaign. Whether you agree with the positions LiB writers have sketched out or not, no good decision can be had when nobody knows what it is they're talking about.