New Orleans Blogging


I think this passage captures the New Orleans blogging scene I found upon arrival - 

The sparring match between Ellis and Berry serves as a marker of the local blogosphere's growing influence on city politics and culture. The storm helped unleash a wave of citizen activism that extended beyond New Orleanians' flooded homes into neighborhood meetings, City Council hearings, planning forums -- and the Internet.

Four years later, many of the "Katrina blogs" that chronicled residents' post-disaster experiences and concerns have been retired, but the New Orleans blogosphere nonetheless has remained vital.

- the Katrina genesis of many local blogs imbued them with what I found to be a rather harsh, somewhat clicquish, almost angry tone.  And don't get me wrong - sometimes the emotions were not undeserved given the incompetence and obstacles in the way.

Still, after attending the Rising Tide III conference last year (a gathering of local bloggers), I didn't attend this year.  While I was busy (as is too often the case), I also felt as though my approach to blogging is a bit different than most who attend.

I respect those bloggers who dig up new facts and genuinely pressure the local government as citizens.  I would do more of it if I had the time to apply my journalism training.  But behind the vanguard of the true local gumshoes marches a number of somewhat shrill, not always helpful voices.  Character, to be sure.  But a group of characters that knows itself so well that it's a bit imposing for new voices to enter the circle with ease.