My Personal Cash for Clunker Quest

On Monday, the federal government's "Cash for Clunkers" program is set to expire.

Unfortunately, my clunker was destroyed back in March, so I have nothing to turn in except a scorched, torn portion of a bumper sticker (although I would probably refrain from participating in the program out of sheer principled disdain for it anyway).

In that vein, now that I'm back in a city where a car can be handy, I'm searching for a vehicle. Even a clunker, really. And I'm willing to pay cash.

I'm looking for a used vehicle that's under $5,000, gets roughly over 20 mpg, and has under 100k miles on it. I have a strong familial preference for Chevys, and I like the Chevy Cobalt. If you know of anything for sale in the greater NOLA area that vaguely falls within those guidelines, please let me know.