McCain will vote against Judge Sotomayor

I am slightly surprised by this announcement, but certainly not disappointed. Of all the commentary and posturing I've heard about this nomination, Sen. McCain's floor speech justifying his decision is the best argument I've seen against her confirmation.

What I find most notable is that McCain focuses on her record as a judge and specifically her rulings. He does not - as so many others have - focus on the "wise Latina" remarks. I think this distinction is important. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that intelligent people can profess a belief in speeches and in opinion columns, yet still feel bound by their constitutional responsibilities and act accordingly.

I think Sen. McCain offers a principled and honest case against Judge Sotomayor's confirmation. It is yet another example - at least in my mind - of how much different things would be if he had won and not been treated so poorly by so many Republicans.

Read the whole speech.