Going Viral at TLS

"Ignorantia virus neminem excusat."

After hearing of one case of H1N1 last evening, I heard one report of swine flu after another as today progressed.

At present, I know of four students who are ostensibly confirmed cases of H1N1, including two who were referenced by a faculty member.

This evening, at my own journal kickoff meeting, one new member was out sick, supposedly with swine flu, one had to leave before our meeting even began, and several others had sniffles and sore throats.

I'm not saying it's time to panic - many outlets indicate swine flu is basically going to be as common as the normal bouts of influenza.

Still, I don't know why the school has not yet sent out an email to inform the student body of the presence of swine flu in students. If the school fears panic, I would say this: I would prefer panic informed by the official understanding of the situation instead of uninformed panic fed by rumors and half-information.

At 9:27 am, an additional posting on the intranet went up which informed students of "Flu Symptoms & Treatment" - but did not mention the fact that students in the school have swine flu.

Is it true that students have swine flu? If they do (or if they did), what is the school doing about it? If nobody has swine flu, please quell the rumors. It's simply about communicating. It's a common courtesy, I would think.

ADDED: Some context.