The big news in Wisconsin

So, I guess Governor Doyle is calling it quits. (Here is the text of his announcement.) I'm thrilled, mainly because there will be no chance of him screwing things up for another four years. There is a lot of speculation about what this means for 2010. Your guess is as good as mine, so here's the analysis from a few of the other blogs I like to read:

First, from Lakeshore Laments, the winners and losers.

From the always entertaining Christian Schneider, Handicapping the contenders.

The other big news is Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett getting beat with a metal pipe outside the State Fair. From all the reports, it appears that the Mayor was doing the right thing by trying to call 911 and defuse the situation. Even though he got attacked himself, it seems he was able to land a punch that broke his own hand. I hope that means the guy he hit has a broken jaw or a few less teeth.

My favorite take on this story? That’s Wisconsin for you. Even our Democrats aren’t afraid of drunk assholes with metal pipes.

I wish Mayor Barrett a speedy recovery.