This is why I love golf

The Open Championship - it is not the British Open, but the Open - is one of my favorite tournaments to watch during the year. Watching the best players in the world struggle against the wind and rain in the birthplace of golf is something truly special.

This year's Open Championship is shaping up to be one for the ages and is the reason I love golf.

One of the men tied for the lead is 5-time Open Champion, 59 year-old Tom Watson. In no other sport besides golf is this even possible. For some perspective, this is like Ryan Braun making the All-Star team 30 years from now. It would be as if Robin Yount were still hitting homeruns and making amazing plays for the Brewers right now.

I've gotten to watch Watson's entire round today and I am simply amazed. He battled back from 5 bogeys in 6 holes to still shoot level par and a share of the lead. He made three monster putts for birdie - including one on 18 to cap off the day - and is hitting the ball as well as he did 30 years ago. It is really something to see a guy who won the US Open the year I was born still play this well.

And that is why I love golf. Sure, there is some athleticism involved, but it is a game of skill and finesse, not of brute force. It's more about strategy and precision than your age. Very simply, it's a game that you can always try and improve. There is always the chance to have your best playing days ahead of you, not behind.