The Secret CIA Program - That's It?

The nature of the secret CIA anti-terrorism program comes to light:

Since 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency has developed plans to dispatch small teams overseas to kill senior Qaeda terrorists, according to current and former government officials.

While ordering the CIA not to reveal the program to Congress is still a significant concern, I must say the nature of the program itself is less dramatic or controversial than I thought it was going to be given all the hoopla.

The way it was described, I thought the project would have been something far more sinister, something that would make it look as if the U.S. was stooping to some truly depraved level - such as authorizing the use of suicide bombers to go after terrorist leaders.

Notwithstanding all the international law issues and Jimmy Carter's non-assassination policy, I don't believe the American people as a whole will find the secret CIA plan all that odious.  In fact, it might look like a better, more pragmatic alternative to launching two full-out wars when dealing with a hard-to-grasp terrorist network.

Perhaps there are more repulsive details to emerge, but for now, I think the Democrats lose a good deal of wind they had filling their sails in the past few days.