The other side...

...of "bizarre" and "rambling" from Stanley Fish.

I, too, have been thinking about Sanford and Palin's press conferences.  I've actually only read the full transcripts of both "performances" without seeing the video of either at this point.

At least they were interesting episodes.  The pair of remarks were very American, too - full of glimpses into more pedestrian goings on, laced with downhome phrases, pegged on distilled convictions, and glossed with religiosity.

One observer noted in this context that an actual press conference is called to answer, not create questions.  So perhaps this is a new breed.  The cryptic, nebulous nature of the press conferences actually caused people to engage, discuss, and ponder in a spot where there truly weren't answers at the moment - and that's something for a politician in an "any news is good news" situation where they're trying to break through the clutter.  

Do I want a person engaging in one of these displays to lead me, though?  Not necessarily.

It is different to see politicians unveiling so much uncertainty even as they state their certainty about some aspects of life.  And it certainly cuts against the George Washintonesque rectitude that held sway for so long in American politics.