On crashing, burning

On the event of the Weinermobile crashing into a home in Mount Pleasant, WI, I'd like to take the opportunity to discuss a trainwreck of another sort: that is, the Republican Party. Specifically, the far-right wing of said party.

With charges of racism flying thick around a Young Republicans election, new evidence of the American Conservative Union looking for pay-for-play kickbacks, and the failure of the "Birther" movement to shrivel up and die the nasty and unpleasant death it deserves, you'd think somebody would be trying to do something to build roads into new constituencies.

Well, there is. Meghan McCain has been one of the few real voices trying to push the GOP in a new direction -- one that, by embracing its basic libertarian ideals, would open the doors to accepting gays. Of course, the same knuckle-dragging morons who think they're great because they post pictures of "hot babes" call her ugly.

These are the same people who push Palin at every opportunity. These are the same people who were happy to hamstring the real McCain because he wasn't conservative enough. They are people with bankrupt ideas and no arguments. And yet they still hold this snakecharmer power over a party that continues to shatter into irrelevancy because of their grip on it.

This needs to end.