LiB opening a new location

I'm preparing to head to grad school in mechanical engineering. It's not at Wisconsin which is perhaps good, refreshing at least, for the blog.

I recently spent the day there dotting the i's and crossing the t's, meeting people, and making arrangements. I took my camera along.

From Wisconsin, it's somewhere south.

all things go, all things go
drove through Chicago

Aim toward Memphis and drive for a while.

So many farms! So flat!

I wonder what it looked like in Lincoln's time. Maybe large areas were still prairie.

Not before long I had arrived in Urbana-Champaign at the University of Illinois. Unfortunately, I was too excited and busy to remember to take some photos of the campus but there are some on the wikipedia page. It's all very nice down there and I'll still be blogging, probably, so it'll be coming next month.

I've found that the best view of the skyscrapers in Chicago is from the south on I-94. There aren't any medium height buildings between the highway and the downtown so most of the buildings are visible.

It's a good sign that since the last time I went to the city a few years ago there are several buildings I haven't seen before.

I think the UW's Science Hall might be double-timing just south of downtown Chicago.